Survey on Warm Up phase

The Warm Up phase was the first two weeks of the program to get you ready for the Action phase. You did three things during the Warm Up:

  1. Completed exercises to have you psychologically ready for action: Identifying your Big Why, Clarifying your Values, and Envisioning your Future Self.
  2. Created the framework for the Action phase: Deciding on your Graduation Presentation and Building your Staircase.
  3. Learnt how to use the different pieces of software: the Course Content website, the Daily Check In software and Google Sheets for the Staircase.
  • Did you find some elements more or less useful?
  • I provided support by commenting on your posts on the website and providing email support in helping you choose your Graduation Presentation and fine-tune your Staircase.
  • Improvements or fine-tuning you can think of.